Carlos Martinez

Machine learning, signal processing, stats


Thanks for checking out my website. Here I showcase some projects generally relating to machine learning, signal processing, and the relevant math. Source code via my GitHub is typically linked with all posts.

I got started with machine learning later in my undergradate math career at NYU. On top of that, I did research for the Kirchhoff Lab at NYU Langone Medical Center under Dr. Tomas Kirchhoff for a few years where I was responsible for bioinformatic and statistical pipelines to process and analyze large volumes of genetic data on high-performance computing clusters. More recently, I finished a master's degree in electrical and computer engineering at Georgia Tech while taking classes primarily in signal processing and machine learning.

My experience with research and theoretical math combined with graduate education in applied engineering subjects has motivated me to approach challenging real-world problems with the latest technology stack. I enjoy using machine learning and optimization to accomplish demanding goals while producing interpretable and presentable analyses.

You can read some more specifics in this CV or email me to get in touch.