Carlos Martinez

Machine learning, signal processing, stats


Some of my projects and useful scripts are listed below. Most of them have accompanying source code on GitHub.

If you're looking to get in touch or want some more insight on my experience, see my About page for details.

City Perimeter Detection

Automatically detect city perimeters from aerial images using deep learning and image processing

Toeing the Party Manifold

Interactive visualization of various dimensionality reduction algorithms applied to US Congressional voting data

NAIP Quadrangle Downloader

Handy script to automate downloading of NAIP aerial images from AWS based only on simple names like 'Statue of Liberty, NY'

EDA Reference - Python vs R

Side-by-side Python and R code for general exploratory data analysis. Genetic data from The Cancer Genome Atlas is used as a test case.

Gil's Football Pool

A Django-powered web app to facilitate a football pools/squares game